Dhara Joshi


Dhara graduated with a Master’s degree of Physiotherapy in Neurological and Psychosomatic Disorders in 2014. Along with completion of the Masters program with honours, she has also published an article on stroke rehabilitation in International Journal. She is a Registered Physical Therapist in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of British Columbia. Dhara is a strong believer in lifelong education and using evidence-based approaches in her practice. Having completed an array of clinical placements from private sports clinics to spinal cord rehab, Dhara understands the value in unique, patient-centered treatment. She uses a multi-modal, hands-on approach to help her patients reach their goals She brings with her a cumulative experience of 9+ years treating patients of all ages with diverse Musculoskeletal, Neurological as well as Cardiovascular conditions. She is an IMS/ Dry needling certified and wishes to pursue various certifications in her field. Apart from work, Dhara enjoys Zumba, Music and hiking.

John Kalina


John Kalina graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education majoring in Recreation.

He then attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy.

With a partner, John opened three clinics in the Halifax area. After five years, John moved to Ottawa where he opened two clinics, later moving onto community physiotherapy. He served in Cornwall, Brockville and the Kingston, Ont. area as a community physiotherapist.

John then moved to Vancouver Island working at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

His latest endeavor is to open a community based, full-service physiotherapy business with Sahil Tanna.

Bringing physiotherapy services into people’s homes, offering pre-rehabilitation, post-operative services, John feels that he and his team can enhance patient recovery by treating patients out of their home environment. He can offer one-to-one tailor-made treatments within the patient’s home to promote a faster and more comfortable recovery.

Julia Nemer


I studied for my Bachelors of Kinesiology at the University of Victoria from 2009-2014 before working as a Kinesiologist for a year. Working alongside Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists helped me realized that I loved being a part of the rehabilitation of someone’s journey - I enjoyed being able to build and develop meaningful relationships with clients who were overcoming sometimes significant events or traumatic accidents in their lives. I knew I wanted to expand my skills and knowledge further in this direction, so I decided to apply for my Masters in Physical Therapy. I attended McGill University in Montreal.

Since my return to Nanaimo 5 years ago, I have worked as a Physiotherapist in private orthopedic and neuro-based clinics including CBI and Symphony. One of my passions is working with geriatrics and the neurological population who don’t always have accessibility to a clinic, I began my own mobile Physiotherapy business last year as well as working in the hospital in the acute setting. I have certifications in IMS, Levels 1-3 Pelvic Floor dysfunctions and Levels 1-2 Concussion management.

Over the course of my studies, I had the opportunity to learn and work alongside many wonderful supervisors and therapists who I continue to look up to every day. This includes experiences within geriatric, post-surgical and general Orthopedics in both in-patient and out-patient settings, as well as ICU and acute rehabilitation. There was one supervisor in particular during my studies, Marla Rapoport, who taught me the importance of client-centered care. To her, a patient was not just a number or a time slot to fill. She valued the importance of developing a rapport with her patients so that they felt comfortable and trusting towards her. She understood that being an exceptional Physiotherapist extended beyond just the physical and functional components of one’s rehab process. It involved guiding and supporting the patient through the emotional and psychological turmoil that can be associated with an injury or life-changing trauma/ accident. Under her direction, I witnessed first-hand the benefits of individualizing care and working in a collaborative setting with the patient to achieve their functional and personal goals during recovery. I was drawn to working with the Lantzville and South Wellness Centre for these reasons and believe the clinic follows the same philosophy. With her in mind, my goal every day is to portray these same qualities and characteristics with every patient I encounter. I want to work with patients to target the root of their problems and to provide them with the education to correct, manage or prevent injuries from reoccurring. I believe that active rehab, specifically exercise, is an enormous component of any successful rehab process and should be an essential adjunct to passive treatment provided in the clinic.

Ms. Kayleigh Hunter


Nikita Shah


Nikita Shah has been working as a Physiotherapist since 2014. Her experience as a Physiotherapist has been a wonderful journey, nothing gives her greater happiness than watching her patients getting better and transitioning back to their normal life.

She has a special interest in women’s health and manual therapy. Nikita has been certified in Pelvic Floor therapy since 2016. She is also trained/ certified in Functional Dry Needling, GLA:D (osteoarthritis), women’s taping, and FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation).

Nikita is continuing to acquire more knowledge and skills to meet the needs of her patients. She is looking forward to helping you with pain management and functional rehabilitation.

Sahil Tanna


Sahil Tanna has always been passionate about the health industry and he selected physiotherapy as his profession to accomplish his priority goal in life of helping people in pain.

He was drawn to that career especially after he personally benefitted greatly from it at one point in his life.

“After being in a motorbike accident and getting help from another physiotherapist, I was already in a state of mind to consider this as my career in the health care field,” he said.

He achieved his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in India followed by his Exercise and Wellness Diploma in Victoria, B.C.

Sahil really enjoys the clinical side of being a physiotherapist and never wanted to just sit at a desk.

Today he says there are so many advances in his field that it keeps him on his toes to find new information and stay up-to-date.

He does that capably with an impressive continual learning program.

Already he has acquired certifications in IMS, Vestibular Assessment and Management, Functional Capacity Evaluation and Part A Lumbar Spine: Mckenzie Institute of Canada.

Currently he is also working on certification with the Fellow of Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy – FCAMPT Level 1.

Besides his knowledge and his experience in a broad range of physiotherapy, he has interest in vestibular therapy and falls prevention.

When Sahil is not working, he loves to play competitive cricket and recreational soccer. He also loves spending quality time with his toddler.

He also dedicates time to guide international physiotherapists like himself to have a better career in Canada.

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